Our Caregiving Service

A service full of appreciation and admiration for our clients

Care At Heart Home Care refers Philadelphia caregivers that have full understanding on how to how to make your cherished one’s life much better by giving the personal care and hygiene accessible. Your loved one will be able shower, wash, groom themselves, dress, make use of the bathroom, have help with incontinence and have transportation. Our caregiving staffs can let your adored one handle these things totally without anyone else, or give absolute help. The degree of involvement can be resolved in advance or during the course of time.

Qualities of Our Caregiving Service

It is crucial your older adored one isn’t treated as a kid, in spite of the necessities they have. The Caregiving staffs we select approach the clients with consideration and respect, remembering that numerous clients find the loss of freedom to be very unsettling.

Hence, they help them to a degree that is fundamental and not to excess, which we feel is important in the old recovering the sense of self worth and independence. You adored one has the right to be treated with thankfulness and profound respect for their background, so the caregivers are not condescending, yet accommodating and mindful.

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Our Caregiving Mission

A huge aspect of our mission rests upon finding the correct match of home care services for each client, and we provide all what’s needed to make our client feels safe and comfortable with the caregiver. Many may see this to be embarrassing, but our caregivers know about that and thusly attempt to act more like a relative than an individual from the nursing staff. This sort of direct, yet respectful, treatment is imperative to building up a positive rapport with the client.

Goal Of Service

The objective to be accomplished is making your old cherished one more comfortable and safe in their home, where all their needs can be tended to by a trained caregiver. Other than being adoring and mindful, the caregiver must watch out for the client’s physical needs with exactness and skills.

During the caregiving service, our caregivers will be able to provide help such as:

  1. Help your loved one during bathing
  2. Help with different restroom necessities, for example, urgent bathroom calls and accidents.
  3. Help with routine individual cleanliness. This will comprise of things, for example, teeth brushing, putting on lotion and daily care of hair and skin.
  4. Help with dressing and grooming.
  5. Help your cherished one to walk and exercise.
  6. Keep an eye on your cherished one’s previously mentioned needs if there should arise an occurrence of hospitalization, trying to make them to feel at home.

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Response from our clients

  • Sophia is the total package. She is very extremely responsible & really knows her craft. On top of all of that, she is really a nice person.  So fare I have had a nice experience with Sophia, and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is by my side every step of the way. I feel privileged to have Sophia care for me. 
  • I have been using Care At Heart for some time due to my perennial bad limb. I was shopping from one agency to another seeking better service. Since, i discovered Care At Heart Health Care, i discovered peace of mind. 
    Sarah James. Visitor
  • Ever since i started using Careatheart Health Care agency, my well-being is renewed and vibrant. I am very grateful for this wonderful Health Care service.
    Celine Stark X Client

Care At Heart gives the most straightforward approach to locate the right in-home care services for you or your elderly parent.